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Perhaps the most important requirement for the quality custom rifle is accuracy, even more important - consistent accuracy (the ability to shoot small groups of 1 M.O.A. (minute of angle) - 1" at 100 yards) would be very discouraging to bench rest shooter while others are satisfied to have their shot fall within two or even three times that goal.

It has always been my opinion that by using the highest quality components machined to the smallest tolerance will produce the desired result or - maybe not.

Accuracy depends on three components - Rifle, Ammunition, and the Rifleman. There are some things that do improve ones ability to shoot accurately:  

  • Heavy barrels shoot more accurately than light ones.
  • High Magnification Target Scopes can be shot more accurately than low power scope with thick hunting cross hairs.
  • Hand loaded ammunition tailored to a specific rifle will maximize the accuracy potential for that rifle.

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